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1. Contents

All the results of the job search on the FRESHERSJOBSALERT.COM site, or the job classifications related to the search, have been obtained from other Internet sites over which FRESHERSJOBSALERT.COM has no control. FRESHERSJOBSALERT.COM automatically publishes all job listings it detects from external sources and does not assume any responsibility for this content.

2. Service

FRESHERSJOBSALERT.COM offers a personal (non-commercial) search platform for job seekers. If you wish to make commercial use of the FRESHERSJOBSALERT.COM platform, you must sign an agreement with FRESHERSJOBSALERT.COM.

3. Responsibility

FRESHERSJOBSALERT.COM is not responsible for any damage, whether physical, financial or psychological, caused by the use of our platform. In case you find any kind of content that seems to be harmful, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will do its best to investigate the case and take appropriate action.

4. Warranty

The FRESHERSJOBSALERT.COM team works to maintain a high level of quality in the publication of works. However, because we are constantly indexing new content, we cannot guarantee the validity and authenticity of all the works added to our database. If you find a suspicious or expired job offer, please do not hesitate to contact us and/or report it. Our team will do its best to investigate the case and take appropriate action.

5. Indexation

We do not authorize automatic indexing of content displayed on FRESHERSJOBSALERT.COM.COM outside the rules provided in our robots.txt file (see FRESHERSJOBSALERT.COM.com/robots.txt)

6. Modification of the conditions of use

The terms and conditions of use of FRESHERSJOBSALERT.COM may be modified at any time. All changes will be presented on this page.


Here are the safety rules you should know:

1. Protection

We continually evaluate our system to prevent crime and illegal activities. We have resources dedicated to the surveillance of the servers, to the protection of attacks or possible intrusions. We use SSL when necessary and maintain strict access control within our organization. We use firewalls on our most sensitive servers and regularly scan with an anti-virus. No system is 100% secure, so we make the best decisions and use our resources to protect the system against illegal activities, hacking or data loss and minimize the risk.

2. Links

Being a job search engine, most of our users are redirected to the original source where the job offer appears. We try, as far as possible, to remove those web pages that contain malware, excessive advertising, phishing strategies or any other method that could be considered harmful to our users or their job search. If you find a link to any of the above features, you can contact us and we will investigate the case.

3. Cookies

FRESHERSJOBSALERT.COM uses cookies. Cookies” are text files that are shared between a server (NEW) and a browser (YOU) to record certain events or preferences. FRESHERSJOBSALERT.COM uses cookies in the following cases:

To facilitate your subscription to e-mail alerts. The e-mail address is stored for up to 1 month, so you do not have to enter it every time you want to subscribe to a new alert.

Data analysis. This analysis helps us keep track of our users for our statistics. For example, from which pages our users are redirected. This information is automatically deleted after few hour. Cookies are temporary and anonymous and can be deleted from your browser at any time.